Blowfish Reading Rewards Program

April 27th – May 22nd

Our School Game Date: Saturday, June 20th

What to do

Read up to four books on your grade level between April 27th and May 22nd

Write the names of your books on your official “Blowfish Reading Log” which will come home Friday, April 24th

Have parents sign your completed reading log and return it to the Learning Commons (a letter will be sent home for parents with instructions on how to claim prizes)


First base (one book): 1 General Admission ticket

Second base (two books): 2 General Admission tickets

Third base (three books): 2 General Admission tickets AND an invitation to the Reading Reward Parade

Home Run (four books): All of the above prizes AND a free hot dog and Coca-Cola at the game

 This Reading Rewards Program is separate from our school Reader are Leaders program, however books read may be added to both reading logs.  Students & parents are responsible for keeping up with their Blowfish Reading Log, tracking their progress, returning their logs to the Learning Commons, and reserving their tickets prior to the game on Saturday, June 20th.

If you need another copy of the reading log please click here


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